Jazz Prepaid Roaming Packages and Activation Methods


Jazz is the best telecom network in Pakistan, which provides mobile phones, internet, and calling services. This is the No. 1 mobile network in Pakistan, with more than 75 million users, including 45 million 4G users. If you are looking for Jazz roaming packages for prepaid, then you have come to the right place. Here we will provide you with all the information you need about Jazz roaming packages, prices, and activation methods.

Jazz Roaming Packages for Prepaid SIMs

Many people do not know how to activate a roaming plan on a Jazz SIM. After they go to another country, they don’t receive messages or calls on their Jazz SIM. In such a situation, they are also worried and cannot activate the packages on their SIM.

If you are also facing the same problem, then you can activate your SIM for roaming with the help of this post without incurring any charges. Roaming services are active on most prepaid SIM cards, and users don’t know how to use them. Here, we are going to provide you with complete information.

Jazz offers several prepaid roaming packages for international travel. These packages offer data, voice, and SMS services at different prices.

To activate the Jazz prepaid roaming package, you can:

  1. Dial *7626# from your Jazz SIM.
  2. Send an SMS with “ROAM” to 777.
  3. Visit a Jazz Customer Care Centre, call 111, or visit a franchise.

Jazz’s prepaid roaming packages for international travel

Prepaid Jazz users can activate any of the following methods and get roaming internet and calls.

Daily Data Roaming Package:

Validity24 Hours

This package offers 1 GB of data for 24 hours for Rs. 299.

Weekly Data Roaming Package:

This package offers 5 GB of data for 7 days for Rs. 999.

Validity7 Days

Monthly Data Roaming Package:

This package offers 10 GB of data for 30 days for Rs. 1999. To use the data you should ON the roaming services in your mobile phone.

Validity30 Days

Voice Roaming Package:

This package offers 100 minutes of voice calls for 24 hours for Rs. 299. Customers will not receive internet data wth this plan.

Calls100 minutes
Validity24 Hours

SMS Roaming Package:

This package offers 100 SMS for 24 hours for Rs. 99. These can be used to send messages in all over Pakistan.

Validity24 Hours

Exact rates and terms of Jazz prepaid roaming packages may vary depending on the country you are visiting. You can get more information on the Jazz website or by contacting customer care. Customers can turn on the roaming services on their mobile phones using this method.

  • Open the settings on your mobile phones
  • Go to the networks and SIM card section
  • Select the SIM card “Jazz”
  • Enable the roaming services in this section

Now, when you go abroad, you will start receiving SMS and calls on your Jazz number. You can also receive SMS without any package but roaming services must be enabled in your mobile phone. For more information, on long-time roaming packages, you can call 111 or visit any nearest jazz franchise.